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The Cazuma river

The Cazuma, whose waters supply the town of Bicorp, is one of the three rivers that, together with the Fraile River and the Ludey River, cross its municipal term, to flow into the Escalona River. The PR-V 234 route, also known as the Río Cazuma- la Gola de Lucino route, is a beautiful route in the very heart of the Caroig Massif, where near its source we find a spectacular canyon or gorge that impresses with its majesty, a fascinating […]

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The Fraile River is one of the most emblematic streams of the Caroig Massif and the best preserved in our geography, almost in the very center of the Valencian Community, considered one of the most beautiful places in the massif, which makes it a unique environment for great landscape and environmental value. It has riverside forests and a leafy forest mass of Rodeno and Aleppo pines, as well as a large number of shrubs such as junipers, palm hearts, Kermes […]

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The last trip of the Gallego brothers

                                                 THE LAST TRIP OF THE GALLEGO BROTHERS Jose Mena Alvarez On January 15, 1838 at seven in the morning, what is considered the first accident of a Spanish train took place, a convoy paradoxically dragged by the Villanueva locomotive, which derailed after colliding with a bull. It happened in Cuba, at that time a province of Spain and which covered the 28 km that separate Havana from Bejucal. There were no fatalities. To find the first serious accident with deaths, […]

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