Lophophanes cristatus

The European crested tit (Lophophanes cristatus) is a species of passerine bird in the family Paridae. About 11.5 cm in length, it is easily recognizable by its prominent, curved and pointed crest of black and white feathers. Its face has black and white lines, with a black beak. The dorsal area is yellowish brown, with gray wings and tail.

It is a very widespread and common species in coniferous forests such as pine forests in central and northern Europe and in the deciduous forests of France and the Iberian Peninsula: cork oak forests, oak forests and holm oak forests. It is resident, and most of these birds do not migrate.

It feeds on insects, including caterpillars and spiders, and also stores seeds for the winter. Their breeding areas are limited, as they need logs with rotten wood to excavate the nest. The female is responsible for nest building and incubation, which usually begins in April.She has a speech-like song, like other titmice, with a constant song zee, zee, zee.

The legs and feet are greenish or olive gray, the beak is black and the eyes are reddish brown, very red in good light.
European crested tit, in an upright pose, at first light of day.
The european crested tit usually goes to forest clearings in search of food, especially in autumn, to complete its insectivorous diet with autumn fruits.

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