Night reflections

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy full of stars and interstellar clouds, where the solar system and the Earth are located. It is the largest object observable from our planet. Due to our peripheral location within it, we see it edge-on and in an optically blurry form of great confusion due to the large number of stars and nebulae that overlap. It is estimated that it contains between 200,000 and 400,000 million stars. The distance from the Sun to the center of the galaxy is about 25,766 light-years. The Milky Way is part of a set of about forty galaxies called the Local Group and is the second largest and brightest after the Andromeda galaxy.

May 05, 2019. The Milky Way from the Sumacàrcer cemetery shines in all its splendor.

Aug 03, 2019. Casas de Don Pedro (Castilla la Mancha). In the silence of the night I can hear, far away, the song of a rooster … while, the Universe, oblivious to everything that happens on our planet, runs its course without caring anything …
Jul 17, 2020. My particular way of saying goodbye to Comet C / 2020 F3 Neowise. See you in 6800 years. In the Barcella and Celemin rock formations. Caroig Mountains.
Jul 21, 2020. Macizo del Caroig. How to describe the feeling of finding myself in this place? I would not be able to say, perhaps a mixture of many things, but what I am sure of is that, in the solitude of this place, at more than 1000m altitude, where the clouds rose and began to cover the peak, it is that I was facing magical, unrepeatable and indescribable moments. Among the thick fog that was forming while the wind whistled very strong, some stars could still be glimpsed. As always I had to act fast, because in a matter of minutes the entire star dome above my head was going to disappear. I prepared the photographic equipment and looked for a composition in which Jupiter appeared a little above my head and Saturn slightly behind me. My intention that day was none other than to photograph the Milky Way, but many times the whims of nature must be taken advantage of.
Nikon D800, Nikon 14-24mm at f/2.8, 30 second exposure at ISO 1000

Aug 14, 2020. Several meteors (shooting stars from the debris left by comet 109/Swift-Tuttle in its orbit) from the Perseids cross near the galactic center of the Milky Way. I am at the top of Caroig, the highest point of this imposing massif. At my feet the scenery is overwhelming, immense forests that are lost in the distance, extraordinary and inaccessible ravines, gorges and gorges… through which the waters of pure and crystalline rivers make their way. We are not exaggerating when we state what it feels like in this place, the most absolute freedom, since it is considered the most rugged, wild and uninhabited region in all of Europe. But now, it’s time to look up, to the sky… while I prepare the photographic material, some bats flutter a foot from my head attracted by the light of my flashlight. Nearby I hear the shearing of the last herd of goats in these mountains, where I photographically documented a few years ago. In this absolute solitude, endless disturbing calls are heard at night; Among all of them, the histrionic parade of the tawny owls and the deep voice of the eagle owl stand out, which are broadcast at night. What I experienced tonight is impossible to describe in words, but with this image (chosen from more than a hundred) I hope to convey a small portion of the satisfaction I have felt. Can you ask for more? NO…

Aug 21, 2020. Sierra de Enguera mountains in the Caroig Massif. It is an immense pleasure to experience the solitude of this route through the places of the Barranco de la Carrasca and the Abrigo del Mudo, an absolute silence that is broken on occasions by the passage of a wild boar, which I can perfectly observe at about 15 meters, as well as the transit of some wild goats. At the end of the photo shoot, my only companion up there is the wind that is blowing stronger and stronger.
Aug 21, 2020. This old house located in the Sierra de Enguera, near the Carrasca ravine and the Abrigo del Mudo, is still used by shepherds to keep cattle.
Aug 22, 2020. Last night it was not easy for me to reach this location in the Barranco de la Hoz in the Sierra de Enguera, but it was worth the effort. The scenery from one of the “eyes” of the stone of the Window, was simply great, which together with the insistent hooting of the tawny owl in the depths of the ravine and the thunder rumbling throughout the mountains, made these moments of maximum excitement. that for me have no comparison with anything. Behind each of my photographs there is a story, which sometimes (if I feel like it) I like to tell to try to convey my experience…
Aug 22, 2020. The storm was rising so fast that in a few moments it overtook me on my way out of the narrow ravine.
In the image we can see the planet Jupiter very close to the galactic center, and Saturn a little above it. As if that were not enough, the night coincided with the shower of Eta Aquarid stars from the remains of Halley’s Comet and which make their appearance every year in the first days of May.

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