Ortiz: the last shepherd of Caroig I

Ortiz: the last shepherd of Caroig I

The movements of the herds of Jose Vicente following the rhythm of the seasons is as follows:

AUTUMN-WINTER: barn in the Rambla de la Molinera. El Burriquet, Santich, Hongares, Benefetal (all in the Bicorp terminus).

SPRING-SUMMER: Corral La Casa del Cura. Pico Caroig, Tona-Fuente de la Carrasca (Teresa de Cofrentes).

Finales de verano de 2009

The queen of goats par excellence in the mountains of all species is the white Celtiberian mountain goat.
Two Celtiberian males followed by a female
The herd takes advantage of all the resources at its disposal during the harsh journeys of late summer.

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