Ortiz: the last shepherd of Caroig VI

Ortiz: the last shepherd of Caroig VI

April 15, 2010

Now, at the beginning of spring, JV locks up the goats in the sheepfold at the foot of Caroig. We arrived at the corral around 9 in the morning. Cold day and cloudy sky. Before taking the goats out, the shepherd nurses the kids with the mothers who have milk.

And finally the cattle come out, heading up the Rambla Molinera up the Caroig. After 15 minutes we stop to have lunch in a ribazo. JV tells me that 15 years ago, going up the Caroig, a wild boar ripped out the guts of a very good dog he had. He tells me that the dog saves the shepherd a lot of work. If the goats are far up the hill, the shepherd sends him and he lowers them, so he doesn’t have to walk so much.

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