Teruel. Summer I

My journey in these lands takes me through capital Teruel in the first town that today will drive me into la Sierra de Gúdar, Corbalán, where its houses go back centuries, with really spectacular landscapes, steep hills, high mountain meadows, pine forests, fields surrounded by holm oaks and junipers, narrow canyons… and which has one of the largest juniper forests in the region.

The climate here is mountainous, cold during winter and smooth during summer, with very cool nights.

When reaching Cedrillas and the road of Monteagudo del Castillo I see, in open terrains, immense cereal fields (wheat, barley, sunflower), very close to the Gúdar and Maestrazgo regions with which it shares the landscapes of pine forests and meadows.

Gúdar road

I reach the town of Gudar – which names this mountain range – seated on a rocky spur. From here you can see the wonderful view towards the valley of the Alfambra river. The sound of the bells makes me look towards the neoclassical church of Santa Bárbara from the 17th century.


The mountain range of Gúdar possesses an extreme climate, with very cold winters and smooth summers.

On the slopes of the mountains, the vegetation is made up of poplars, gorse, juniper, black pine and willows; on the highest peaks, the Scots pine and the black pine share this typical mountain area with picturesque corners and plentiful fountains.

The cattle graze slowly to the soft sound of cowbells and shears. Pastizales en Valdelinares.
Linares de Mora
Linares de Mora

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