Teruel. Summer II

At this time of summer, the entirety of the cereal farms have been collected, leaving a landscape of ocher, brown and yellow, very evocative of what is the rural environment in these Aragonese lands.

Bronchales’ road

In this infinite golden blanket, I see peeking into the distance the town of Orihuela del Tremedal. As I approach it, its imposing cathedral appears majestic at my feet. While the swifts and swallows do not stop crossing the air in the fields and in between the intricate streets of the town.

Orihuela del Tremedal
In the background and silhouetted on the horizon rise the Universal Mountains
At the end of the summer season we can see how yellow disappears

Each yearly season possesses its beauty, where the golden tones of summer, will become ocher and brown during autumn and winter with the tillage of the fields.

Sunset in la Rambla de la Teja

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