PRV-203 Río Grande-Abrigo de Voro

In this beautiful itinerary we can differentiate two landscapes, on the one hand the spectacular transit through the winding course of the Rio Grande, on the other, the heights over its basin that open the landscape to the vast horizons.

Following the spirited and solitary limestone canyon along its course, accompanied by the water and the vegetation sheltered by the humidity and the shade, refuge of the ash tree, we rediscover calm nature.

And as the final culmination of this excursion, the shelter of Voro, an artistic chronicle of the prehistory of those human groups linked in their hard subsistence to the chance of hunting.

We can see figures of animals and men, but above all, a small frieze of four archers, finely drawn, who apparently execute a ritual of war dance, with surprising mobility. The dark and indecipherable motif of the paintings allows the assumption of magical rites, of conjuring before the hunt and its territories, and also, the suggestive hypothesis of art for art’s sake.

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