Fraile River

The Fraile River is one of the most emblematic streams of the Caroig Massif and the best preserved in our geography, almost in the very center of the Valencian Community, considered one of the most beautiful places in the massif, which makes it a unique environment for great landscape and environmental value.

It has riverside forests and a leafy forest mass of Rodeno and Aleppo pines, as well as a large number of shrubs such as junipers, palm hearts, Kermes oaks, mastic, buckthorns, among others, which make up an inaccessible undergrowth, as well as a multitude of aromatic plants.

The course of the river and its slopes form a landscape between the deep gorge of the river and the peaks, passed at the foot of the slender limestone needle that gives its name to the area, El Fraile. From the heights, we can contemplate the superb mass of Caroig. On the shady slope, between tall pines and a dense and well-structured vegetation, mastic trees and some strawberry trees abound. 

Among the varied fauna that we can find, it is worth mentioning in the course of the river the leprous pond turtle, the collared snake, the common frog, the cascadeña wagtail and the common nightingale, while in the forest, countless forest birds; in the calcareous cingles the presence of the eagle owl and soaring through the air, the golden eagle and the short-toed eagle.

An excursion within the reach of those nature lovers who dare to enter almost virgin territories, seemingly inaccessible ravines, pools of crystal clear waters and endless forests.

Cold and crystal clear waters
ghe Fraile River runs with its waters through a wonderful environment, winding down the mountain through the northern part of the Canal de Navarrés until it ends its journeys, first in the Escalona River, which in turn will flow into the Júcar River.
Moving down the throat

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